Friday, April 20, 2007

I got tagged

I got tagged today! I first need to tell you about my day. The TV repair main called at 7:00 am and said he would be here at 8:00 - OK I was getting up anyway to get Robby off to school and the bus comes at 7:55 so no problem. Mad dash to get Robby up and get myself in the shower. 7:30 out of the shower and enough clothes to go check on the boys. Finish getting dressed, get Robby all set and out the door with only the jacket not the coat and then the bus comes. Continue the mad dash to get the living room picked up. Yell at Tylor - check the boys bathroom - Yell at Tylor again. Finish picking up the living room and start on the kitchen. Empty the dishwasher and start refilling it. The TV guy shows up at 8:23 - not as late as he could have been. Get Tylor to help him set the TV on the floor. Piddle around while he is here - this is the second time he came and the second time he left without fixing the only a year old TV. Check e-mail - find out I have been tagged. The repairman finally leaves. Make 5 phone calls. Wait for the return of one call. Get stuff ready for leaving the house. Leave instructions for Tylor while I am gone. Schwans man coming leave list and check. If the call I am waiting on comes in what to say. Other stuff he needs to do. Make sure he hangs around and lets Robby in off the bus - they had a half day. Walking out the door meet Scott in the driveway, converse with him. It is 10:30am. Go to School - pick up the fundraiser stuff that I forgot about last night. Go to the bank. Leave town to go check on my summer job 45 minute drive away from home. Stop along the way to drop off Stamps to Chris W. Drive to River Port it is now 11:30. Talk to Diane about summer job. Leave there at 1:00 drive right past the Michael's I wanted to stop at. Go to hobby lobby - make a haul on the 90% off Easter stuff, use my 40% off coupon, pick up things for space derby tonight. 2:00 head for Debi's house drop off ribbon and stamps. Head home stop at Sonic for lunch. Call home see if my call was ever returned, no. See if Scott has checked on picking up some money. Stop and pick up the money. Home about 3:00. Find out what happened at the house while I was gone. Go back to the bank. Work on the rocket for the space derby. Headache!!!! Take meds. Get something to drink. Collapse in chair while rocket is drying. OK, I did take a nap. While Scott took Robby for the third time over to see if the carnival was open. Get stuff ready for Space Derby. Go to Space derby 7:00 - what a mess! Get home about 9:00. Scott ordered supper for him and Tylor (they did not eat at the space derby). Check e-mail and get back to the being Tagged.
I am supposed to tag new people, but I just got into blogging and don't have much of a list of blogs that I visit. I got into the stamping blog because Rochelle Wick was talking about hers on a yahoo group I am in. Rochelle is the one that tagged me. I hate to let the game end with me, but I think this time I will have to. Check out the "Cool Stuff to Check Out" list and check back later. I will get better at this blog thing and then I can play!

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