Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I have been working on a book to keep all my inspirations. I love the Internet, but I still love to hold a book. So here we go, shortly after Christmas I made a raid on the clearance table at the local Office Depot. I spent about $50.00 on items that cost no more than $3.00 each. I bought several blank journals, some bound like a book and some spiral bound. I was saving the book bound journals for my niece for her birthday - she loves to write. I am using the spiral bound journals for different projects. At the Stampin' Up! regional they showed us a pop culture journal that was just too cute, with pockets and tabs and ribbon. Notice I said I was saving the book bound journals, well the other night I was looking at all the inspirations that I have printed out off the Internet and trying to figure out how to organize them in to something that would be usable. I have a three ring binder with patterns and stuff, but it just wasn't working that great for me. I thought about those journals just sitting in the closet. I went and got one out and started cutting and taping and so on. I love books and now I have one of my own. It is a work in progress, but I am really in love with it. It has the weight of a book, it's faux leather bound so it feels nice, and it even though it will never be published it is a book by me!
For all those contributing to my inspiration book, if I can figure out who to give credit to you are listed as Created By: next to your art work.
I would like to welcome Elizabeth and Barbiebarb to Wackadoo! If you have blogs of your own please leave a comment with the url, maybe I will add you to My Inspiration Book!

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