Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Scrapbook Philosophy

I just typed a very witty post and then lost it. I can't believe it! I will try again.
This is the beginning of my Scapbook Philosophy. Go shopping first! Buy the things you like. I am like a crow I like shiny things and bright colored things. When I find an artist or a collection that I like I buy as much as I can afford. I have two reasons for this, one you may not come across it again - especially if you are not shopping in a regular store, and two they may not continue to carry the line. I have seen things at shows and not bought them thinking I would spend the money with my favorite store and then the items don't show up or come 6 months later. If you wait to order from a web site you have to pay postage. Not every store carries the full line. I like immediate gratification! I get inspired by just looking at the papers and embellishments. Case in point: I have a ton of Heidi Grace stuff, mostly her glass works embellishments, some papers and some stickers - mainly her earlier things. I have done only a hand full of pages using this stuff, but I love it and could do an entire album.
Buy the colors you like, because you will dress your family in those same colors. I have a lot of blue, turquoise, green, pink and coral papers. If your pictures don't match your colors, scan them and reprint them in black and white!
Buy fun stuff! You may ask what fun stuff means: Shiny, Bright, Textured papers and embellishments.
Buying drab stuff does not work for me, even if I start with that kind of thing thinking that I want a more somber mood for a page I end up adding a bright color.
Work in multiple media - this helps fight boardum. If I get board with a project it won't get finished.
Don't work in chronological order, at least not at first.
Don't get stuck in one style, change things up, try new things! It is OK to have a style of your own, but don't get stuck in someone else's style.
Have multiple albums! Crocodile Mouth means it is time to buy another album, even if you still have page protectors to fill. I do have some croc albums, but that is because of lumpy pages not over filling an album. I have albums in multiple sizes too! I like different formats for different subject matter. Disney is a subject in and of itself, buy that special album. Separate your worlds!
For me Organized Chaos is a must!
Here are some of my recent pages, the kid in the pics is two, he is now seven. Memories are not memories until you have time to forget the bad parts. Marination works well with more than meat. Just because you can take pictures and get them back the same day, doesn't mean that you should scrapbook them that fast.
People who are caught up on their scrapbooking don't have family and friends dumping their pictures on them.
More Later,

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Rochelle W said...

I have done the same thing. I do that often. I write a bunch of info then accidently bump the mouse and when I hit the back button, it is gone. AGH.... I love your pages. I haven't scrapped in a long time. I really want to get back into it but I love making cards so much more right now.