Monday, May 7, 2007

No Stamping Today

Bronchitis again! I had been thinking that it had been over a year since I was that kind of sick, and here it came. I hate it! I went to the doctor on Friday and got meds. I made sure I was not contagious so I could go scrap booking on Saturday for National Scrap booking day. It just wears me out!
I spent Saturday at Page Makers - my favorite scrap book store. I love the ladies over there and I have made scrap booking friends that I love to see there. I did take a detour to the A store and did some of the make-n-takes. The tag is cute, but maybe a little busy. I also made the note book, I love love love the paper we used. I sent way too much money, but almost everything was on sale. You know those words that make you spend money!
My BFF Debi met me at Page Makers at 9:30 and we unloaded our stuff. We left there for the A store about 10:00 - five minute drive - we where there until noon. Debi loves breakfast food so we went to IHOP for lunch. The stuffed french toast is to die for! This is becoming a ritual for us. After lunch we headed back over to Page Makers (yes this is a commercial for them) and started to scrap. I didn't get much work done but had a lot of fun. Went to get dinner and some photo prints with a new friend Amy. The last several times Amy has been working on a wedding album for a friend and it is turning out lovely. Wish I could get as much work done at these things. I really enjoy sitting there and seeing what other people are doing, not to mention that a lot of my friends usually stop by and we catch up, too. I guess if I could quit running my mouth I could get some more work done.
The end of the night always comes way to soon and I had a coupon for $15.00 to spend so I had to do some shopping! I used my coupon to get this neat chip board portfolio. I plan to decorate it! (well I hope to).
I will try to get pictures of the scrapbook pages in the next couple of days, but I start my summer job this week and I need to clean out Danielle's room so she has a place to stay for the summer. I will try not to neglect you too much!
Love Always,


Kristine Reynolds said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

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